Facebook Ad Convertion

In these days, I was thinking about all the complaint that I got from some business owner and my friend, about their problem to reach real engaged people.

Let me explain the problem, if me Dylan Smith liked the page apple on 2015, I did it because I am interested on apple products and maybe I think  to buy, so if I saw a post promotion about Apple product  i will engage with it, but if someone did a promotion post on apple product on 2020, will I be interested  on it like I was at 2015, the answer is no, so the solution for this problem  is to target an engaged people, and to do that you have to promote your post or website or what ever you want to promote, you have to target people  that interest in your niche at this time.2

That’s why I created this gig exclusively on Fiverr, to help you reach an engaged people to your products, niches ……

I will give a report that will help you reach real people that are interested in what you do, so you when you will promote your post, you will not loose your money on people that are not interested on it.

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Cat Memory Game card

Hi my friend, welcome to my new blog Cat Memory game card, here you will find all information about the android app game that i just made yesterday, and I called it like the tittle of our blog.

First of all I wanted to open this blog, because I want to share with you,  the process of creating this app, so my name is Dylan James 21 years old student at an University of Economic, second year, -_- a mistake that I made, but we choose sometimes bad choices. However when I was 15 years old I begin to love programming and design so that’s why in the end I choose to work on Android application, and maybe I will do so on IOS a.k.a Appstore in the next year, time after time i begin to master programming and little on designing, and that’s why now I created my new Android application game Cat Memory game card an app that will help you and your children to develop your attention and focus, yeah that was the principal goal of the android game, help preschool and children and even young and adult people.  An it will be applied for all my future android app, make and learn people to concentrate and develop their attention  and focus.

So now let’s just talk how I choose my graphic, well to be honest I didn’t draw the cats but the I created the background and the logo like settings, the icon of new game ect…..

What I really did, is that  I bought these graphic from a website where you can buy cartoon kit, so I pick graphics that like, then I started to work on them, made them look good, and beautiful, so when you will install and use the game, you will enjoy the game with the beautiful graphic without getting bored in another sense have fun and develop your brain in focus and attention.
When I finished the graphics, the step of choosing a title comes, and I can say that was a little bit difficult for me choose the right title for the Android Game, so I took a look on google play store and watched some games that are similar to the mine, and after three days I came with “Cool Cat Memory game”, the only difference and special thing on the title is Cool since I didn’t find this word on the Android games that  I saw on google play store.
After writing the title, I wrote a description for the game and it wasn’t difficult since the only thing that I did is describing my android game that I made. and I enjoyed doing that, in the end I took some screenshot while playing Cool Cat Memory game to put on the play store, so you can watch a preview o the game.
That’s what I can write for Today, next time I will write more.

In case you want to try this game just click on Cool Cat Memory game
In case if you want to try your Android game application, that I made for you , Just visit click on Cat Memory game card